Friends of Foothill Family

Friends of Foothill Family is a volunteer support organization committed to sustaining the work of Foothill Family.

For over 90 years, Foothill Family has led the way in making a tremendous difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and families in the San Gabriel Valley who are struggling with issues such as child abuse, domestic violence or mental health problems.  The support of the Friends of Foothill Family enables Foothill Family to provide local low-income children and families with much needed mental health and social services and a place of hope and healing.

The Friends of Foothill Family are responsible for three key events throughout the year, Backpacks for Brighter Futures Program, Holiday Program and the Annual Benefit. The volunteer guild is made up of women from all over the San Gabriel Valley and has played an important part in Foothill’s fundraising.

Click HERE to join or renew your membership to Friends of Foothill Family.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Melissa Wu

Vice President
Chelby Crawford

Benefit Co-Chairs
Vanessa Wolf Alexander
Julietta Perez

Auction Co-Chairs
Christine Escobar-Villalpando

Communications & Social Media Chair
Rochelle Siegrist

Membership Development Chair
Arianne Shapiro

Making Seasons Brighter Co-Chairs
Tina De La Torre
Jennifer Loew

Backpacks for Brighter Futures Co-Chairs
Goli Compoginis
Michelle Guerra

Parties Chair
Christine Muller

Past President
Vivian Godoy Rordiguez


Our Past Presidents

Shannon Seiter Williamson, 2000-2001

Lori Winters Samuels, 2001-2002

Robyn Ratcliffe Manzini, 2002-2003

Nam Jack, 2003-2004

Carolyn May, 2004-2005

Lisa Galluzzo Evans, 2005-2006

Jane Bucklin MacKinnon, 2006-2007

Page Malloy, 2007-2008

Leslie Clayton, 2008-2009

Stacey Fortner ,2009-2010

Amanda Horton, 2010-2011

Julietta Perez, 2011-2012

Jennifer Allen, 2012-2013

Michele Canon, 2013-2014

Katie Seley, 2014-2015

Lily Lee, 2015-2016

Nicole Adrien, 2016-2017

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